Delivering the benefits of carbon and water foot-printing for a reduced cost infrastructure, Peterborough

18 February, 2016 | 17:30 - 19:00

Do you know what your water foot-print is?
Do you know what your water foot-print is?

About this event

In response to the challenge of population growth and the impacts of a changing climate, Anglian Water has successfully measured, and evaluated both Carbon and Water content equivalents in operational and capital assets built and delivered.

This journey will be explained together with some examples delivered over the last five years.

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Ian Berry

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David Riley

David Riley is the Carbon Manager at Anglian Water. His work concentrates on the initiative of examining the carbon equivalent(s) associated with the business of water and water recycling for Anglian Water.

David has pioneered the development of a calculation tool that enables accurate analysis of the amount of carbon that is used in production of materials and in the creation of new assets in construction (carbon Foot-printing). Alongside this brand new skill, David has become similarly proficient in the analysis of Water Foot-printing.