Designing against vessel impact, London

9 October, 2017 | 14:15 - 17:30

Design to protect vessels in every increasingly busy waterways
Design to protect vessels in every increasingly busy waterways

About this event

The interface between marine infrastructure development and passing vessel traffic is becoming more important as the number of infrastructure developments close to busy fairways in ports and harbours increases.

The requirement for infrastructure developers to design against possible vessel impact is clear, but as vessel size increases, fairways become more congested, and developments' proximity to fairways reduces effective liaison with waterways managers is needed to ensure appropriate mitigation measures are incorporated into the design of water edge structures.

This seminar provides a multi-disciplinary forum to assist infrastructure developers / designers, vessel designers / operators, and waterways managers to appropriately assess risk and to design effective measures to minimise that risk and ensure safety.

Event materials

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Capt. Jae Jones AFNI
Inspector of Marine Accidents -Marine Accident Investigation Branch

Andrew Rawson
Senior Consultant- Marico Marine

Joanna Dorman
Principal Passenger Ships Standards Manager - Maritime And Coastguard Agency

Graham White
Senior Technical Manager- Arcelor Mittal

Ian Dobson
Associate Director - Beckett Rankine

Mark Towens
Harbour Master Upper –Port of London Authority