Developing the Attributes - a Graduates & Students’ seminar, part B, Leeds

17 November, 2015 | 18:00 - 20:30

Explore the required attributes needed for your Professional Review.
Explore the required attributes needed for your Professional Review.

About this event

Please note this event is fully booked

Speakers will share their specialist knowledge and experience giving attendees a deeper understanding of the particular ICE attributes and how to achieve them.

The sessions will take place on two consecutive Tuesdays in November, and will involve a presentation delivered by the specialist speakers followed by a discussion, debate or interactive workshop.

Session A: Tuesday 10 November, 18.00- 20.30

Attribute 5: Commercial Ability
Speaker: Veronica Flint Williams CEng MICE MAPM

Bringing with her an in-depth knowledge of the water industry, Veronica will be speaking about the commercial aspect of her role past and present, and sharing her wealth of experience dealing with various forms of contract and commercial risk management.

Attribute 1: Knowledge and Understanding of Engineering
Speaker: Tony Gould CEng FICE

Tony will be speaking on the design of temporary shoring and embedded retaining walls, giving us a crash course in geotechnics and highlighting the importance of sound engineering knowledge across all disciplines.

Session B: Tuesday 17 November, 18.00-20.30

Attribute 6: Health, Safety and Welfare
Speaker: Tony Putsman CEng MICE

Tony will be covering the practical aspects of health and safety management including his experience with a team-based approach to safety, and informing us about the latest developments in the CDM regulations.

Attribute 8: Interpersonal Skills and Communication
Speaker: Peter Crosland CEng MICE C.WEM MCIWE FFB

Peter will be speaking about the importance of clear lines of communication within a civil engineering project to ensure successful project delivery.

The seminars will be relevant to graduates in all roles and sectors, including designers, contractors, consultants, local authorities and central government. In addition, student members will also benefit from the sessions gaining exposure to new ideas and networking opportunities with recent graduates from their industry.

The cost will be £10 for each session, or £15 to attend both sessions. Refreshments and food will be provided. Please note the change of venue from that previously advertised.