Surveyors and Engineers working together to deliver drone surveys, Swindon

15 March, 2017 | 18:00 - 20:00

Using drones to carry out surveys.
Using drones to carry out surveys.

About this event

Drones are a relatively new addition to the Land Surveyors' tool kit. Their relative affordability and ease of use permits the cost effective use of aerial photogrammetry on small to medium scale sites (areas ranging from a few 10s of hectares up to areas in the 10s of Km2).

Whilst photogrammetry in itself is a well-established discipline with over 100 years of practical application, it is the advent of powerful, affordable and easy to use computer software and hardware that has enabled the science of photogrammetry to be leveraged more readily. This advancement in processing power has occurred concurrently with the miniaturisation of camera and drone technology. The synergistic effect is creating a step change in how land surveys can be carried out.

The focus of this talk is on how a surveyor and civil engineer are working together to collaboratively leverage these new technological advancements to benefit real world infrastructure projects.

The talk will discuss both the advantages and challenges posed by drone technology in the engineering space, and discuss how innovative new services and solutions are made possible through designing surveys from the outset from an engineer's perspective. The talk will hinge on real world case studies and examples.

The speakers for this talk will be Charlton Bland, Geomatics Consultant, Atkins Ltd and Rosario Marchena, Civil Engineer, Atkins Ltd.