Communications Competition 2017, Loughborough

30 March, 2017 | 18:00 - 20:00

Join us for our Communications Competition final.
Join us for our Communications Competition final.

About this event

This competition is open to all graduate and student members of the ICE with no more than 7 years industry experience. Team entries are now being accepted and the Regional Finals will be held on 30 March at Loughborough University.

Teams are made up of three to five student or graduate ICE members with no more than seven years industry experience each (10 years for student technician members). There are conditions of entry which will explain who is eligible to enter the competition. If you want to take part but do not have a team, please contact us as another team may be willing to accommodate you.

This team competition promotes the importance of effective communication among ICE's younger members. Competitors need to use all their engineering and inter-personal skills to win over the judges and audience with a public presentation. This is based on an imaginary civil engineering project which will affect a local community.

If you want to enter you'll need to create a professional presentation about your civil engineering scheme and produce promotional leaflets for the project. The audience play the role of local residents in the competition rounds, and as the engineers proposing the scheme, you must tell them about the benefits and persuade them to support it.

Event materials

The following materials are available for download: