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Engineering Icons – Are bridges more than just functional structures? Birmingham

25 October, 2016 | 18:00 - 20:00

Te Wero Bridge, Auckland, New Zealand.
Te Wero Bridge, Auckland, New Zealand.

About this event

Adding to the debate on many clients' wishes for signature structures, the talk will consider what makes a bridge into an engineering icon. Phil will illustrate and discuss examples of bridge structures from around the world and consider the implications for design, maintenance and longevity of a variety of structures.

  • Are icons made or created?
  • What makes an icon?
  • Should we preserve them?
  • What do we design them for?
  • Should we replace them?
  • Will these stand the test of time?


For more information, please contact:

Prashant Sikka
e: prashant.sikka@gmail.com


Phil Tindall

Phil Tindall is a senior Technical Director - Bridges for global consultant Arcadis. Phil has over 35 years' experience of bridge and highway engineering, including construction of the Humber Bridge, the concept design of the award winning Te Wero Bridge in Auckland, NZ and the refurbishment of the historic Westminster Bridge.