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Event Organiser: The British Dam Society

Everything you need to know about ICOLD, London

  • Lecture
  • London
  • 15 January 2018
  • 18:00 - 20:00
Everything you need to know about ICOLD, London

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The International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD) leads the profession in setting standards and guidelines to ensure that dams are built and operated safely, efficiently, economically, and are environmentally sustainable and socially equitable. This talk will consist of a series of short presentations on everything you need to know about ICOLD membership, benefits and technical committee updates.


  • Tracey Williamson - Introduction on ICOLD vision, goals, structure
  • Andrew Pepper - Benefits of ICOLD Membership and accessing bulletins
  • Sam Tudor - ICOLD Young Engineers Forum (YEF) update
  • Peter Manson - Cemented Material Dams Technical Committee update
  • Rodney Bridle - Embankment Dams Technical Committee update
  • Jonathan Simm - Levees Technical Committee update
  • Ian Hope - Dam Surveillance Technical Committee update
  • Ken Grubb - Hydro-mechanical Equipment Technical Committee update
  • Mike Cambridge - Tailings Dams Technical Committee update
  • Ljiljana Spasic-Gril - Seismic Aspects of Dam Design Technical Committee update
  • Craig Scott - Multipurpose Water Storage Technical Committee update

Event venue

Institution of Civil Engineers
One Great George Street
London SW1P 3AA
United Kingdom

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Shelly-Ann Russell

e: [email protected]