Finite Element Analysis of deep excavations in Dublin Boulder Clay: three case histories, Newcastle

10 May, 2016 | 17:45 - 20:00

Cantilever retaining wall at Ballycullen Road
Cantilever retaining wall at Ballycullen Road

About this event

Over the last decade or so, many deep excavations have been constructed in Dublin Boulder Clay (DBC). They range from steep temporary open cuts to permanent excavations supported by cantilevers and propped retaining walls. The presentation focuses on the Finite Element (FE) analyses of three case histories of deep excavations in DBC where the predicted short and long term behaviour is compared with available measurements

Dr Nesha Kovacevic is a Senior Partner in the Geotechnical Consulting Group LLP where he is currently responsible for GCG’s numerical work. Since his PhD at Imperial College, he has developed a keen interest in quantifying the role of progressive failure in the stability of slopes. For his work in this field he was awarded the Telford Gold Medal by the Institution of Civil Engineers in 1998. He has widely published and presented his work on various forms of soil-structure interaction problems and stability of slopes.