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Fire in the hole, Conwy

15 October, 2015 | 18:30 - 20:00

Daw Mill Colliery. Photo sourced from Wikipedia courtesy of Chris Sampson
Daw Mill Colliery. Photo sourced from Wikipedia courtesy of Chris Sampson

About this event

This evening lecture is organised by ICE Wales Cymru North Wales Branch

In February 2013 fire swept through a coal face deep underground in Britain’s largest colliery, Daw Mill in Warwickshire. Efforts to contain the fire were unsuccessful and the mine had to be evacuated and abandoned forcing the operator, UK Coal Operations into administration followed by liquidation. Ownership and responsibility for underground infrastructure reverted to the Coal Authority acting for the government.

JMC Engineering (UK) Limited was appointed to manage the mine and ensure that it was closed in a safe manner without environmental harm. The mine entrances pass through an important aquifer and needed to be sealed in a manner that protected against water pollution. Conventional closure procedures for the two shafts and drift were impossible with no means of safe underground access. Our speaker, Daryl Smith, provided specialist engineering advice to JMC allowing the aquifer to be safeguarded and the mine to be made safe for future generations.

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