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Fossil fired power generation, Chatham

9 March, 2016 | 17:45 - 20:00

Coal and oil have fuelled Britain since the discovery of electricity.
Coal and oil have fuelled Britain since the discovery of electricity.

About this event

Coal and oil fired power stations have been the backbone of British power generation from the Eddison Electric Light station in 1882 until the present day.

Despite the gradual demise of coal fired stations due to the Kyoto agreement and more recently the government commitment to close all UK coal fired stations by 2025, heavy fossil fired power generation will continue to dominate world power production for the foreseeable future. It is because of their prolific use in third world and Eastern nations that they are of critical interest to the Military Engineer.

Graham Marsh BSc CEng MIET graduated from Salford University with a degree in Electrical Engineering and then Mechanical Engineering at Leeds University. He originally joined the Central Electricity Generating Board in 1970 as a Student Apprentice, Shift Maintenance Engineer and later Lead Mechanical Engineer at Drax power station during which time he managed numerous unit outages.

Graham then left Drax to be Production Manager at Hub power station Pakistan, involving the construction, commissioning and operation of a new build oil fired station south of Karachi. Subsequently he managed RWE Engineering Workshops at Ferrybridge and was later Engineering Manager for Littlebrook D and Tilbury power stations concurrently. He has also conducted investment appraisals on Russian power stations in St Petersburg.

Please note that refreshments will be available from 17.45 and the lecture will begin at 18.30.

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