Bristol City Club Christmas Lecture 2016 - Fukushima: The story of a nuclear disaster, Bristol

6 December, 2016 | 18:00 - 21:00

Damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant.
Damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant.

About this event

18:00 for an 18:30 start.

Mark Whitby, Chairman & Design Director at WME and ICE Past-President, presents a lecture on the only other Level 7 incident on the International Nuclear Event Scale besides Chernobyl a quarter of a century earlier. Despite three reactors melting down at Fukushima, possibly the greatest risk was the lack of cooling to their fuel ponds, and particularly the fourth reactor which had recently been taken off line.

This talk, drawn from a number of reports and first-hand accounts, will explain how this disaster unfolded, and how the engineers on the site ultimately rescued the situation. Mark will describe how a combination of good luck and good engineering on site avoided an even bigger impact than occurred.

All engineers learn more from failures than success – whatever our discipline there are lessons we can all take from this event.

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