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Thomas Telford Lecture: An outline to futureproofing cities with ten immediate steps, online

  • Webinar
  • Online
  • 01 September 2020
  • 18:00 - 20:00
Thomas Telford Lecture: An outline to futureproofing cities with ten immediate steps, online

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It’s time to accept the fact that the world is changing very fast; faster than we can control it. We are living through the 'age of emergency' with global pandemic and climate catastrophe looming. Technology, business and social structures are rapidly evolving to meet the new challenges however, cities are slower to respond. Projects take more time to plan, finance and construct; by the time they are built they are already out of date. In fact, the use of past metrics to plan future development, which has until now been standard practice, is appearing to be a redundant model and proving to be very costly.

This lecture builds on the ICE Reed and Mallik Medal winning paper which identifies ten key areas where governments, planners, investors and the individuals responsible for shaping cities, can urgently refocus their priorities and funding in order to more effectively utilise both the limited financial and natural resources available. Entering a period of massive disruption, a paradigm shift is urgently required in the means of conceiving, delivering and managing city development.


18.15 Registration and joining
18.30 Welcome from the Chair
18.35 Main lecture
19.15 Questions and answers session
19.35 Summation from the Chair
19.40 Event Close


Susan Parham

Associate Professor and Chair, ICE Urban Design and Planning Journal Editorial Panel

Susan Parham

Susan works as the University of Hertfordshire's Head of Urbanism and Planning, is Director of the University’s Urbanism Unit (UHUU) and course leader for the MSc Sustainable Planning. Susan is also the Academic Director of the International Garden Cities Institute (IGCI) established in 2015 in Letchworth. Susan is a research associate at the Laboratory for Building Cultures at ENSAG in Grenoble.

Her particular research interests include the urbanism of Garden Cities and New Towns, food and spatial design, sustainable building and construction, sprawl retrofitting and transport oriented, compact and sustainable cities. Associate Professor Parham also has 'process' expertise in engagement on planning, urban design and urbanism issues. Previously Susan was a sustainability consultancy director, a policy analyst and rapporteur for the OECD, and a senior manager in public sector planning, Susan is a Member of the RTPI and an RSA Fellow.

Barry D Wilson

Vice President - Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design

Founding Director - Barry Wilson Project Initiatives Ltd

Barry Wilson

Barry has extensive knowledge of global design standards; construction methods and management practices, absorbed over a career living and working across four continents designing and managing large scale planning, infrastructure, architecture, landscape and environmental projects, particularly those related to landfill, land reclamation, drainage, rail and highways. His consultancy practice, Barry Wilson Project Initiatives, have been tackling urbanisation issues in Hong Kong and China over the last 20 years.

Currently Vice President of the Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design, he has sat on both the Council and the Public Affairs Committee since 2014, and founded the Chair of the International and Mainland Affairs Committee in 2018. He is a Chartered Member of the UK Landscape Institute, a Hong Kong Registered Landscape Architect and Professional Member of the Hong Kong Institute of Landscape Architects. He was recently nominated to the HKSAR Government ‘Common Spatial Data Advisory Committee’ and is a lifetime member of the ‘China International Urbanization Development Strategy Research Committee’ after having been honoured in 2012 for his outstanding achievements in relation to urbanisation in China.

As Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Hong Kong, Barry has taught regularly across all departments of the Faculty of Architecture for more than 10 years, including the Departments of Real Estate and Contraction Management; Urban Planning and Design; Landscape Architecture and Architecture. He has frequently undertaken roles as Guest Assistant Professor at the Peking University School of Urban Planning and Design, Lund University School of Architecture and Penn State University Department of Architectural Engineering.

In 2014 he received the Design for Well-being Merit Award at the WHO – Global Conference of the Alliance for Heathy Cities and in 2016 presented the TEDx talk “When Fantasy Becomes Reality” in Guangzhou. He was most recently awarded the 2019 Reed & Mallik Medal from the Institution of Civil Engineers for his paper ‘An Outline to Futureproofing Cities with Ten Immediate Steps’.

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