Genesis evening lecture series - Waste water treatment, Mumbai

26 May, 2017 | 18:30 - 20:30

Technical talk on waste water treatment.
Technical talk on waste water treatment.

About this event

In India water treatment is very important function of local bodies. BIS 10500:2012 standard specifies very stringent quality parameters compared to 1991 version which is now almost at par with renowned global standards. Recycling of filter back wash water, sludge recovery & recirculation of supernatant and centrate is becoming part of WTP process. Recycling is essential in order to save waste water, complying with environmental standards and also to make plant zero liquid discharge which is one of the smart city objectives.

Some of the challenges faced in operating and performance of WTPs are, coping with fluctuations in raw water quality, algal bloom and quality control, maintaining pre-chlorination levels, floc eruption in settlers, use of correct Powdered activated carbon (PAC) dosing method, control of algae formation in WTP, filter back wash water saving & energy conservation by optimisation of filter runs, adverse effect of recycling filter back wash water on final water quality, chlorine disinfection, Trihalomethane (THM) levels and control of associated hazards, selection of type of polyelectrolyte as flocculent for thickener and centrifuge application, sludge cake disposal and environmental issues.

The basic objective of this talk is to share mitigation measures and newer technologies adopted in WTP's for enhancing the water quality.


Mr. K. B. Wadhavane

Mr. K. B. Wadhavane is Water Works Engineer, having over 25 years of experience. He is presently working in capacity of Executive Engineer and Factory manager at Asia's largest Water treatment plant Bhandup, Mumbai. He has so far presented 11 research papers in field of water, wastewater and energy efficiency. Recently he presented one research paper at international level on Upgradation of settlers of Tulsi WTP in ACE16 organised by American Water Works Association at Chicago, USA.

He has undergone special training at Canada on subjects Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants, Asset Management & Risk Assessment. So far as part of technical tour he has visited 9 numbers of water and wastewater treatment plants of Canada, USA and Europe including world's largest Jardine Water Purification and Stickney Water Reclamation plant Chicago, USA.

He is the recipient of award for best article published in IWWA Journal on water treatment.

He is a visiting faculty for MCGM, MIDC training centres and Maharashtra Environmental Engineering Training and Research Academy (MEETRA).

He is a Life Fellow of Indian Water Works Association.

Presently he is the Honorary Director (Technical) of Indian Water Works Association. He is also the Executive committee member of National Safety Council - Maharashtra Chapter for block period 2016-19.