Designing with multi-component Geosynthetic Clay liners, Warrington

25 April, 2016 | 18:30 - 20:30

Designing and developing a new product, geosynthetic clay liners.
Designing and developing a new product, geosynthetic clay liners.

About this event

This presentation will address the preceding decade's significant changes in manufacturing technology, design utilization and market acceptance of multi-component Geosynthetic Clay Liners. Multi-component GCLS are materials by their nature, combining two different sealing elements in one product; a bentonite sealing layer and a specially-engineered surface coating or film attachment that enhance performance in specific ways.

These material advancements have continued to extend the suitability and survivability of geosynthetic clay liners in a variety of containment designs; but they have also complicated standardization in ways that could inhibit market growth and acceptance if the changes too greatly outpace the standards community's ability to provide guidance and leadership within the larger geotechnical engineering field.

The presentation will provide an exceptional opportunity to bring experts together to better identify changing material characteristics and designs, commonalities among these changes, and testing and standardization needs to better support the engineering community in regards to geosynthetic clay liners.

Constructed projects will discussed as well, as test methods, design criteria and specification recommendations for multi-component GCLs.


Kent Von Maubeuge – NAUE Geosynthetics

Refreshments will be served from 18:00 for a meeting start of 18:30.

Organised by NW Geotechnical Group in conjunction with IGS.


Kent Von Maubeuge

Kent Von Baubeuge
Kent Von Baubeuge

Kent P. von Maubeuge was born in New York in 1957, lived in New York and Yokohama, before he moved to Germany. He studied civil engineering and obtained in 1985 his Master of Science. Since then, he has worked with two major geosynthetic manufacturers and has been involved in research and development of all forms of geosynthetics.

For more than 25 years, he has been an active member of various associations, such as DIN, CEN and ISO. He is also a member of ASTM International and is especially involved in standards for geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs) and is vice-chairman of ASTM Committee D35.04 GCLs. Along with the committee chairman, he chaired both ASTM past workshops on GCLs as well as the recent ASTM symposium on multi-component GCLs, San Diego.

Kent von Maubeuge is the convenor for the Working Group WG6 (Geosynthetic Barriers, polymeric, bituminous and clay) for CEN Technical Committee TC 189 and vice-chair of the TC-Barriers of IGS. He also serves on the Board of Directors for the Geosynthetic Institute, Folsom, USA and as council member of the International Geosynthetics Society (IGS).

Kent has published and presented many international papers on geosynthetics and has contributed to numerous conferences throughout the world and is lecturing at two German universities.