Geosynthetic Drainage in Highway Engineering and Earthworks, Bath

17 November, 2015 | 18:00 - 20:00

Installing new drainage at the side of the highway.
Installing new drainage at the side of the highway.

About this event

Geosynthetic drainage products have many potential applications in highway engineering, both in new build and refurbishment or upgrading of existing assets. Most of those applications are also relevant to all projects involving earthworks, such as railways and site development.

Those applications include:

  • Starter layers and drainage blankets
  • Improvement of poor ground
  • Drainage at subgrade level
  • Fin drains and under-channel drainage
  • Cut-off, counterfort, slope and verge drainage
  • Drainage of reinforced soil structures
  • Drainage behind retaining walls, abutments and tunnel linings

Event materials

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Mike Stephen

Mike Stephen
Mike Stephen

Mike Stephen is a chartered civil engineer specialising in geotechnics and geosynthetics, with nearly 40 years of experience working in the Industry.

In January 2011 he joined ABG Ltd as Technical Manager, responsible for most aspects of engineering design with geosynthetics and also for aspects of product development.

Mike is currently Secretary of the IGS UK Chapter and has authored or co-authored five published papers.