Geosynthetic-reinforced soils: Comparing physical model tests, Bath

15 November, 2016 | 18:00 - 20:00

Geosynthetic-reinforced soils.
Geosynthetic-reinforced soils.

About this event

Current design methods for the geosynthetic reinforcement in these load transfer platforms rely on a decoupled approach of applying arching in the soil and tensioned membrane theory for the geosynthetics over the void, and have different assumptions related to the failure mechanism, soil arching, expansion in the soil, and surface subsidence.

In this seminar, a comparison of the reinforced and unreinforced soil behaviour based on observations from the tests conducted will be presented. The observed behaviour will be compared to the various design assumptions made, with indications as to where potential improvements to these design methods could be made.

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Talia da Silva

Talia da Silva

Talia da Silva is a geotechnical engineer from South Africa and did her undergraduate and honours degrees at the University of Pretoria. Talia is currently completing her PhD at the University of Cambridge, investigating the centrifuge modelling of arching in granular soils and behaviour of geosynthetic-reinforced soils over voids.