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Geosynthetic reinforced soils and engineering for sustainable development, Bridgwater

  • Lecture
  • Bridgwater
  • 06 November 2017
  • 18:00 - 20:00
Geosynthetic reinforced soils and engineering for sustainable development, Bridgwater

About this event

Talia presentation

Geosynthetic-reinforced soils are used in the design of road and railway infrastructure over geotechnically challenging areas, where the potential for void formation exists such as sinkholes or the collapse of mineshafts. The reinforcement is used as a preventative measure to transfer load and limit surface deflection over the void, protecting the infrastructure from catastrophic collapse. Current design methods for geosynthetic-reinforced soils independently assess the geosynthetic and soil behaviour, with no allowance for the beneficial interaction between the two.

Through her research, Talia has investigated the failure mechanisms in the soil, soil arching, and surface subsidence, as well as deflection and tension in the geosynthetic as it spans a void. Talia will present key findings from the comparison of reinforced and unreinforced soil behaviour, based on observations from the tests conducted. The observed behaviour will be compared to the various design assumptions made in current design methods for geosynthetic-reinforced soils, with indications as to where potential improvements to these design methods could be made.

Tercia presentation

Tercia will be talking about the perceptions of sustainability in the construction industry, based on research carried out for her master's thesis and what this means for engaging with people at all levels on construction projects. The research was conducted on a case study in Cambridge, focusing on those involved with actual on-site construction activities (from tradesmen and site engineers to managers), explored individuals' understanding of sustainability and their perceived role in implementing it. This provides a unique and relatable perspective on an often abstract concept.

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Hinkley Point C
Conference Room 1
Wick Moor Drove
Bridgwater TA5 1UF
United Kingdom

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