Geotechnical Engineering: The Art of Burying Success, London

16 November, 2016 | 18:00 - 20:00

Geotechnical Engineering: The Art of Burying Success, London

About this event

The vast majority of elegant and innovative structures rely on “ground breaking works” by the geotechnical profession. This is certainly true of many mega-projects, which have presented enormous challenges and, at the same time, significant opportunities for geotechnical engineers.

The success of these projects often relies on the ability of the designers to combine existing scientific and industrial disciplines to achieve feasible and economically viable foundation solutions. These large-scale projects challenge our ability to solve difficult soil-structure-water-environment problems and call for innovative thinking. In return, they serve as a stepping-stone to improved practice. The presentation will draw on the lecturer’s involvement in mega-projects (large bridges and tunnels, wind farms and marine facilities) around the globe where innovative solutions have been a key issue.


  • 18:00 - Registration and refreshments
  • 18:30 - Lecture
  • 19:30 - Questions and answers
  • 19:50 - Close of lecture


Jørgen S. Steenfelt

Jørgen S. Steenfelt

Jørgen S. Steenfelt has been involved in engineering practice, management, research & development and teaching within the geotechnical field for more than 40 years.  His experience covers site investigation, field and laboratory testing, monitoring, physical and numerical modelling, design and construction follow-up as well as arbitration and expert opinion. His engagement in these activities has been with an emphasis on a combination of theoretical aspects, innovative solutions and troubleshooting for large and special projects.

Jørgen S. Steenfelt has gained a broad experience in ground engineering, working and residing in a large number of countries worldwide. Additionally, he has been actively involved in teaching at various universities, the development of codes of practice, standardisation and international co-operation through professional societies. He is the author or co-author of a large number of journal papers, along with numerous general reports, state-of-the-art and keynote lectures.