Gerald Lacey memorial lecture 2015: Why groundwater matters, London

18 May, 2015 | 18:00 - 19:35

Gerald Lacey memorial lecture 2015: Why groundwater matters, London

About this event

The 2015 Gerald Lacey Memorial Lecture will be given by Dr. Frank van Steenbergen, who will be presenting on the topic of groundwater and shallow aquifer systems.

Groundwater resources provide an important mechanism for balancing the supply of water to meet local needs. The consequences of mining groundwater resources for immediate benefit are well known; however, across large tracts of Africa for instance groundwater provides a significant source, available for those that understand how to abstract it.

Based on practical cases the lecture make the point of understanding groundwater and aquifers better – sustenance of many agricultural economies, part of the productive water cycle, part of the landscape - and argues that new approaches in managing and making use of groundwater are possible.

Frank van Steenbergen

Frank van Steenbergen is Director of MetaMeta Research and initiator of the new Treasure Foundation. MetaMeta is a value-driven private company that is set up to develop promising water governance programs and promote themes such as water buffering, groundwater management, flood based farming, salinity, multifunctional infrastructure, alternative soil improvement methods and the integration of vulnerable groups. The Treasure Foundation aims to raise burning groundwater issues on national policy agendas.

Dr. van Steenbergen has worked over the past twenty-five years in water resource management and policy change in 30 plus countries. This work covered water resource management, agricultural water management, groundwater management and development, small scale and large scale irrigation, spate irrigation, water harvesting, drainage, drinking water, sanitation and wetlands. He has been involved in both in on the ground projects and the preparation of global policy documents. The latest is as the coordinator of the Core Drafting Team of the Shared Global Vision for Groundwater Governance 2030 and the Global Framework for Action to Achieve the Vision on Groundwater Governance.