Gloucester and its key regeneration priorities, Gloucester

25 October, 2016 | 18:00 - 20:00

Looking at the future of Gloucester.
Looking at the future of Gloucester.

About this event

There is plenty happening in Gloucester at which civil engineering is at the heart of. The City is in the process of building a new bus station that will kick start the delivery of the Kings Quarter scheme. It is working towards the delivery of a regenerated Blackfriars site and work is expected to start shortly on the Bakers Quay scheme.

There is plenty to discuss not least the improved Greyfriars area following the delivery of the new Linden Homes scheme, the magnificent docks and the recently approved planning application for a Next at Home scheme at the Peel Centre.

Anthony will give an insight into the successes of the regeneration priorities for the city and also the challenges that it still faces.


Anthony Hodge

Anthony Hodge

Anthony, Head of Regeneration and Economic Development is charged with driving forward the regeneration plans for Gloucester.

A qualified town planner he has had a broad career to date which has been orientated towards regeneration activity, following graduation from Bristol Polytechnic in 1991. He has worked on regeneration schemes in the North Nottinghamshire Coalfields, Northwest Regional Development Agency working in Salford, Oldham and Rochdale.

He has also worked for Yorkshire Forward focusing on the renaissance of Sheffield as well as Cheshire West and Cheshire, Chester not being too dissimilar to Gloucester with its Roman heritage.