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Cheltenham and Gloucester e-scooter trial, webinar

  • Webinar
  • Online
  • 28 September 2021
  • 16:00 - 17:00
Cheltenham and Gloucester e-scooter trial, webinar

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Micromobilty operator, Zwings has been operating an e-scooter trial as part of the Department for Transport (DfT) e-scooter trial programme. The trial has allowed stakeholders to gauge the popularity of e-scooters combined with identifying what measures are necessary to enhance safety of riders and pedestrians.

Zwings has worked closely with government authorities at a local level via weekly meetings, and at a national level with DfT, to evaluate the trials and respond to issues accordingly. The trial has seemingly proven to be an overall great success with regards to the very high level of demand seen in the usage data and relative to the very low number of incidents that have been raised by residents. This success led to an extension of the trial.

Safety has been a key focus and through direct collaboration between Zwings’ e-scooter manufacturer and software team at regular meetings with local community groups such as Thomas Pocklington Trust and Guide Dogs For The Blind, church parishes and one-to-one communication with riders, the operator has introduced a number of effective initiatives and technologies to enhance safe and responsible riding.


Joe Lewin

CEO and Founder, Zwings

After leaving business school, where he wrote his dissertation on Tesla’s transformation of the nascent electric car industry, Joe went on to scale a business to over 130 employees and 11 locations between the UK and USA. Following this, Joe then wanted to convert his deep-rooted passion for sustainable transport into a business. This resulted in Zwings, which has emerged as a leading British operator for e-scooter and bike sharing schemes.

Joe is notably proud to be serving the Gloucestershire residential and visitor community and has spent the last 11 months meeting lots of different community groups to tailor their transport service around their relative interests.

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