Great Western Railway: Engineering for Electrification, Gloucester

22 March, 2016 | 18:00 - 20:00

Engineering the Great Western Mainline for electrification.
Engineering the Great Western Mainline for electrification.

About this event

This infrastructure demands a new performance standard – to be more reliable, easier and less disruptive to build and maintain, and safer in operation than any previous UK electrification system.

The challenges of providing an integrated design, which embraces innovative new systems, and applying this to Brunel's masterpiece is the responsibility of the GWRM Lead Design Organisation.

The presentation will explain the engineering and design work completed by LDO to date on the early phases of the programme, including: the development and testing stage; the large scale global design delivery programme; use of tailored BIM design tools; and examples of key engineering problem-solving along the route.

Event materials

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