Green Port Hull: Geotechnical aspects, Leeds

12 January, 2016 | 18:30 - 20:30

An artist
An artist's impression of Green Port Hull

About this event

Green Port Hull will provide the UK’s largest offshore wind manufacturing, assembly and installation facility at the Port of Hull Alexandra Dock. Together with development partner Associated British Ports, Siemens is investing £310m in offshore wind turbine production at Hull’s Alexandra Dock, directly creating 1,000 new jobs and many more during the construction phase and in the supply chain.

ABP has appointed the Graham Lagan Construction Group Joint Venture to develop the Alexandra Dock site for the Siemens facilities and significant enabling work has begun in 2014. The scheme was procured on a design and build basis and includes infilling one third of Alexandra Dock with 780,000m³ of material and reclaiming 7.5ha of the river to create a new 650m quay wall which can accommodate three offshore wind installation vessels.

The works involve the construction of:

  • Approximately 650m of deep water quay using an anchored combi-wall
  • Approximately 1,000,000m³ of reclamation sand fill
  • Approximately 250,000m³ of dredging
  • Approximately 7.5ha of heavy duty pavement and associated drainage and services
  • Reinforced concrete piled Ro-Ro Ramp structure
  • Bird roosting platform structure
  • Eastern lead-in Jetty Dolphin structures
  • Car parking, internal and external roads, drainage and services
  • Retaining revetment and scour protection.

The presentation will discuss the design and build contract from the contractor’s perspective and the challenges associated with detailed design of the significant marine structures including the Main Quay wall, the Eastern Lead-In Jetty, the Ro-Ro Ramp and the Alexandra Dock in-fill, heavy duty pavement, drainage and reclamation works.

This event is kindly sponsored by Graham Lagan Joint Venture (JV).


  • Des Millar - Design Manager, Graham Lagan Joint Venture (JV)
  • Campbell Davis - Technical Director, Doran Consulting
  • Fraser Dick - Chartered Engineer, Doran Consulting
  • Michael Murray - Chartered Engineer, Doran Consulting