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Greener Grangetown – Detailed design in to practice: Concept to reality, Cardiff

12 October, 2016 | 17:30 - 19:30

Artists impression of the redeveloped Grangetown.
Artists impression of the redeveloped Grangetown.

About this event

The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) and The Landscape Institute Wales (LIW) are co-hosting this lecture.

Greener Grangetown is sustainable drainage scheme located in an existing urban area of Cardiff, South Wales. The design maximises the use of green infrastructure to future proof the drainage network; providing climate change resilience whilst also delivering enhanced public spaces, promoting sustainable travel, and improving ecology.

An integrated approach to drainage design stems from a unique collaborative funding structure and has continued through community and stakeholder engagement. Public consultation involved the residents in the design of their streets, and in parallel with continued engagement and education is encouraging a behavioural change towards sustainable living.

This presentation will firstly provide background to the scheme, but will then focus on the journey through detailed civil and landscape design. The project has involved a number of design groups working collaboratively to ensure the end product generates a full, diverse range of benefits. The design team were able to reflect on previous projects, picking out key lessons learnt and ensuring the drainage systems are as effective and appealing as possible.

The presentation will also pick up on many of the technical challenges faced in retrofitting green infrastructure into an existing city centre environment, and how these challenges have been overcome.

Light refreshments will be served at 5.30 in the Common Room, before the lecture.


  • Catherine Wenger (West Water team leader, Arup)
  • Juan Dominguez (Senior Landscape Architect, Arup)
  • Chris Ellis (Water Engineer, Arup)
  • Ian Titherington (Drainage, Cardiff Council)

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Catherine Wenger (West Water team leader, Arup)

Catherine Wenger

Catherine is an Associate Director leading the seventy strong West Water team. From the four regional offices; Belfast, Cardiff, Newport and Bristol, the group delivers projects throughout the water cycle from water resources schemes through to water treatment. As group leader her responsibilities focus on ensuring the team is well motivated, trained and equipped to deliver innovative solutions through fully integrated design.

She is also a member of the region's Water Executive which sets the Business Objectives, Research Direction and aspirations for the Water Business in the UK, Middle East and Africa.

Chris Ellis (Water Engineer, Arup)

Chris Ellis

Chris is a Civil Engineer at Arup based in the Cardiff Office. Since joining Arup in 2012 he has gained experience on a range of projects across the water cycle working collaboratively with clients including Government Bodies, Local Authorities, and Water Companies.

Chris has developed experience in Green Infrastructure and Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) through involvement in successful projects in Llanelli, Bristol, and Cardiff. He has been leading the design of the Greener Grangetown project since 2014, with involvement in initial concept design and public consultation through to the detailed design.

Juan Dominguez (Senior Landscape Architect, Arup)

Juan Dominguez

Juan is a Senior Landscape Architect at Arup based in the Cardiff office. He has extensive experience in landscape design projects from concept to detail stages, including being the landscape lead for public realm and regeneration projects, mayor residential and mix-used developments, education facilities, public transport, infrastructure and public parks.

He has also worked in several Green Infrastructure and WSUD projects in collaboration with the West Water Team. Since 2014 he has been leading the landscape design for Greener Grangetown with an early involvement in the feasibility study through to detail design.

Ian Titherington (Drainage, Cardiff Council)

Ian is a senior engineer at Cardiff Council with over 26 years' experience working in the water sector. He has a unique passion for improving the way water is managed in Wales and has been at the forefront of shaping and promoting the Greener Grangetown project since the very beginning.