Ground Engineering & HS2 in Cheshire Salt District, Chester

9 February, 2017 | 18:30 - 20:30

Find out the geotechnical considerations required for HS2.
Find out the geotechnical considerations required for HS2.

About this event

About 20 km of Phase 2b of HS2 passes through the Cheshire Salt District. The rural area is on first appearance open countryside. However, the farmland overlies ground which has range of both man-made and geological hazards which are not present along other sections of HS2.

This talk will describe the geology and the significant risks associated with constructing HS2 over both natural hazards such as collapsed ground in the soluble rocks and the anthropogenic hazards including conventionally mined and solution mined ground. Geotechnical solutions required to mitigate the risks will be described.

Refreshments will be served from 18:00 for a meeting start of 18:30.

Organised by Cheshire Branch in conjunction with NWGG


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Dr Paul McMahon


Chris Eccles

Chris Eccles

Chris Eccles has over 29 years' experience working as an Engineering Geologist and Geotechnical Engineer. He is a UK Registered Ground Engineering Adviser (RoGEP Adviser). Chris is a Director of TerraConsult Ltd and has a wide range of skills gained from working within the contracting and consulting sectors.

Chris has worked on and supervised a range of multi-million pound site investigations such as those for the Jubilee Line Extension plus a range of road and rail projects. He now leads a team carrying out a wide range of geotechnical and environmental investigations, brownfield land assessments and ground engineering design. Chris has also acted as an expert witness.