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Ground improvement using “Impact Compaction” techniques, Warrington

  • Lecture
  • Warrington
  • 04 February 2020
  • 18:00 - 19:30
Ground improvement using “Impact Compaction” techniques, Warrington

About this event

Little guidance is given in published literature regarding depth of improvement by “Impact Compaction” applications on typically mixed granular matrix un-saturated fills and/or well graded dredged sands.

A technical presentation from current UK research on performance of Dynamic Compaction (DC-12T) for 5-7m deep, Rapid Impact Compaction (RIC-9T) for 5m deep, Rolling Dynamic Compaction (RDC-12/14T) for 3m deep and Polygon Compaction Roller (PCR-26/32T) for 1.5-2m deep, will be given to show actual depth impact compaction improvement compared to suggested prediction modelling.

The methodology which best predict the profile and magnitude of improvement achievable by any impact compaction application (DC, RIC, RDC or PCR), that includes the number of blows/impacts/passes required, indicates that although energy per blow/impact/pass is an indicator of the depth of improvement achievable, the use of total cumulative energy and total cumulative momentum of the impact compaction mass is a better indicator of the depth and degree of compaction achievable (Oshima and Takada ,1997; Lee and Gu, 2004; Kelly, 2000, 2012, PhD pending 2021/22).

Refreshments will be available from 17:30, with the presentation to start at 18:00.

This is a joint event between ICE Cheshire and ICE North West Geotechnical Group.


Dermott Kelly

Dermott is currently a technical director (deep ground improvement) at Powerbetter Soil Solutions, with over 19 years’ experience in specialist deep impact compaction ground improvement / engineering applications.

Prior to 2000, was a Geotechnical Engineer for a consultancy firm in Melbourne Australia and before 1995 was a lecturer of Civil Engineering (Diploma) at Institute of Technology Carlow.

Experienced with project management, communication & presentation skills, coupled with a strategic outlook and proven leadership ability. Specific roles included surveying expertise in application and software due to unique digital monitoring techniques necessary for engineering and proficient in contracts / programme / geotechnical management across many diverse project sites.

Technology and information transfer have become an artform on being able to educate the technical intricacies of ground improvement & engineering, geotechnical validation & verification and design to engineers for various projects from residential to retail / commercial to ports and mines.

Event venue

Stantec UK Ltd
Dominion House, Temple Court
Warrington WA3 6GD
United Kingdom

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Lauren Moczulski

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