Guará & Lula NE - The BSR Project, London

3 February, 2016 | 18:00 - 20:00

Looking into the Buoyancy Supported Riser (BSR) system.
Looking into the Buoyancy Supported Riser (BSR) system.

About this event

The Buoyancy Supported Riser (BSR) system concept was initially developed by Petrobra and then selected during a design competition process for installation across the Guará & Lula NE fields, offshore Brazil.

The design and installation of the four BSR units currently in operation involved a number of challenges, not just due to its pioneering configuration and system size, but also related to the conditions associated with the frontier pre-salt region. In particular the presentation will address:

  • Background on Pre-Salt and the Design Competition
  • System Description
  • Riser Design Requirements & Constraints
  • Key Design Challenges
  • Project Execution/Overview
  • Buoy Installation Challenges and Execution
  • Riser Installation Challenges and Execution

Presented by

Hans van Diemen,
Project Manager, Subsea 7

Pedro Viana,
Technical Manager, 2H Offshore.


Hans van Diemen, MSc Eng

Hans van Diemen has worked for Subsea 7 for 24 years in a variety of engineering and management roles on projects in the North Sea and Brazilian waters involving diver & diver-less construction, installation of subsea umbilicals, risers and flowlines, wellhead intervention and marine operations.

In the area of deep water riser concepts, Hans worked as Installation Lead for the Petrobras GL NE BSR buoys and previously as Construction Manager on the installation of the Shell BC10 (reeled) Steel Lazy Wave Risers (SLWR).

Hans graduated from Delft University in the Netherlands in 1993 with a degree in Naval Architecture, specialising in Offshore Design.

Pedro Viana, MEng

Pedro Viana is a Technical Manager at 2H Offshore, with 12 years specialist engineering experience of deep-water riser design, verification and monitoring.

Particular expertise includes hybrid and flexible riser detailed design, from concept to installation.

Pedro worked in varied project roles across all phases of the Petrobras GL NE BSR project, covering Pre-FEED, FEED and Detailed Design.

His hybrid riser experience also includes the design of the 18 single and pipe-in-pipe hybrid risers for Total's Kaombo development, the 9 hybrid risers for BP's Block 31 PSVM project, both offshore Angola, and the FEED design and verification of the Petrobras P-52 18in oil export line.

Pedro graduated in 2003, with a first class mechanical engineering degree. He conducted his undergraduate studies at the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.