Gympie Regional Energy Hub - Lower Wonga solar energy and battery storage for Queensland, Brisbane

2 August, 2017 | 17:30 - 20:00

Learn more about the benefits of solar to Queensland
Learn more about the benefits of solar to Queensland's energy sector

About this event

Located 30 minutes north-west of Gympie, the Lower Wonga 800MW(ac) Solar Farm facility will have an ultimate design capacity to produce 1,700,000MWh/annum using in excess of 3 million solar PV panels sufficient to power 315,000 homes. The 4,000MWh  battery storage will supply the equivalent of an additional 290,000 homes with power.

In this presentation, Scott will share details about the project, the main challenges faced, and the benefits for the energy sector in Queensland. There will also be an opportunity to discuss general concepts regarding both solar farms and energy storage and their relation with civil engineering.

Event materials

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Presented by Scott Armstrong, SolarQ Managing Director

Scott is an Energy sector consultant, developer, construction, and operator/maintainer with 36 years’ experience specialising in site identification, project development and delivery working with major energy companies such as Santos, Energex and Tarong Energy.

Scott specialises in developing innovative energy projects and has a detailed understanding of connection agreements, EPC contracts, off-take sales agreements, energy storage, and project financing.