Holding up the bank! Stabilising Land Slip Sites on the A396 on Exmoor, Bristol

7 June, 2016 | 18:00 - 20:00

See what is being done to prevent land slides on the A396.
See what is being done to prevent land slides on the A396.

About this event

Many people heard about the Somerset flooding last year and the engineering challenges that provided. However, the inclement weather and sodden ground had other consequences too. Not least were landslips.

The A396 on Exmoor is one of the South West's most picturesque roads. It weaves its way up the Exe Valley from the South and then to the ridge at Wheddon Cross, before descending down to Dunster on the sides of Cutcombe Hill, with the River Avill below. During last year's flooding, the road was threatened by two separate slips on steep-sided sections north of Wheddon Cross.

This was difficult but beautiful terrain, featuring tight spaces, conflicting road works, historical legacies, massive and undesirable road closure diversions and worried communities. All of these factors required thinking outside the box.

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