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How immersive tech can enhance design visualisation in civil engineering, webinar

  • Webinar
  • 12 April 2018
  • 13:00 - 14:00
How immersive tech can enhance design visualisation in civil engineering, webinar

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Immersive technology such as 360 degree images and video, augmented and virtual reality are becoming more common place in the world around us. These immersive technologies are starting to move into the engineering and construction industry and there has been a strong uptake in the use of them for viewing 3D BIM models.

The government mandate for BIM has encouraged the industry to create high fidelity, data rich 3D models, but although these models can appear photorealistic and amazing fly-throughs can be created, it is immersive technology that can really enhance how you visualise a project.

This presentation will look at the various types of immersive tech and give an introduction into how they can be used within an engineering project. It will look at the types of software that can be used and will outline a short work flow of turning a 3D model into a high impact visualisation.


Aimee McCabe

A recent graduate from Queen's University Belfast with a MEng in Structural Engineering with Architecture, Aimee's research project was focused on Immersive Technology in Structural Engineering. She now works as a graduate structural engineer at WDR & RT Taggart and has helped to bring projects to life using VR and AR.

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Online via WebEx
United Kingdom

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