How we protect Birmingham’s infrastructure – a resilience debate with ICE President, Professor Tim Broyd, Birmingham

17 May, 2017 | 08:00 - 10:00

How we protect Birmingham’s infrastructure – a resilience debate with ICE President, Professor Tim Broyd, Birmingham

About this event

Resilience of cities can be achieved through both proactive and reactive measures; we have speakers from both sides ready to discuss the measures taken to prepare a city like Birmingham to deal with threats to the smooth running of its vital infrastructure.

This debate is chaired by ICE President, Prof. Tim Broyd, an expert in innovation, sustainability and knowledge management in the infrastructure sector.

In his role as Professor of Built Environment Foresight, Director of the Institute of Digital Engineering in the Built Environment and Honorary Professor of Civil Engineering at University College London, Prof. Broyd has focused on digital technology and was a founding member of the government's BIM Level 2 Task Group and led the production of the government's BIM Level 3 strategy report, published in 2015.


  • Professor Chris Rogers, Director, UKCRIC National Buried Infrastructure Facility, School of Engineering, University of Birmingham
  • Kevin Hicks, Assistant Director for Highways & Infrastructure, Birmingham City Council
  • Nick Rushall, Practice Manager within Asset Management, Atkins
  • Paul Chambers, Costain Skanska Joint Venture, ICE President's Apprentice


Chris Rogers, Professor of Geotechnical Engineering at the University of Birmingham.

Chris Rogers

His research portfolio reflects his primary interests of buried infrastructure and urban sustainability, resilience and liveability. He has led research into trenchless technologies and buried pipes and their interaction with road structures, notably via Mapping the Underworld which addresses the complex challenge of locating and mapping pipelines and cables buried beneath the streets. He is exploring infrastructure interdependencies and the opportunities they offer for novel business models and the application of robots for streetworks.

His work on future cities includes analysis using extreme and aspirational scenarios and membership of the Lead Expert Group of the UK Government Foresight Future of Cities project, while his £6.3m Liveable Cities programme is exploring the performance of future cities in relation to citizen and planetary wellbeing. A past Editor of Tunnelling & Underground Space Technology and Engineering Sustainability, he chairs the Institution of Civil Engineers' Research, Development & Innovation towards Engineering Excellence Panel.

Nick Rushall, Practice Manager within Asset Management, Atkins

Nick Rushall

Nick's has a background in risk, resilience and disaster management. He has worked both within the UK and internationally, across most sectors including government, defence, water, energy and transport.

His varied experience includes EDF Energy's UK response to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster; incident management work for Highways England; resilience projects at Thames and Anglian Water; risk and resilience contributions to the recently revised UKRLG Code of Practice and development of city-wide resilience policy for an industrial city in the Middle East.

Nick is passionate about making the case for resilience, and believes we need to be better at understanding the benefit of the resilience work we undertake across both engineering and management solutions.

Kevin Hicks

Kevin Hicks

Kevin is a Chartered Civil Engineer with 28 years' experience in working across all aspects of engineering in local government including asset management and major infrastructure delivery. He is currently Assistant Director for Highways and Infrastructure with Birmingham City Council a role which amongst other significant engineering undertakings includes the management of the City's £2.4bn Highways PFI contract.

Paul Chambers, Costain Skanska Joint Venture, ICE President’s Apprentice

Paul Chambers

Paul is one of eight ICE President’s Apprentices for 2016-17. He was part of the strategic working group which delivered the ICE State of the Nation report 2017: Digital Transformation.

Paul is a Section Engineer for the Costain-Skanska Joint Venture on the Crossrail Paddington Station Project; responsible for the precast concrete cladding, drainage and RC structures in the main Ticket Hall and the architectural cladding of the platform level.