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HS2 Technical papers, online

  • Webinar
  • Online
  • 03 December 2020
  • 14:00 - 15:30
HS2 Technical papers, online

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Join us in celebrating technical excellence and learning from the across the HS2 Programme at the virtual awards event 2020 for the Technical Papers Competition.

The HS2 Technical Papers Competition - the first of the Learning Legacy challenges – sought to capture technical excellence and learning from across the HS2 Programme. The HS2 family accepted this challenge with gusto leading to the submission of 65 technical papers, far exceeding expectations.

This virtual awards event is a chance to celebrate technical excellence and learning on the HS2 Programme, award the winning papers across the three categories (Design, Engineering and Architecture; Environment, Heritage and Archaeology; and Digital, Data and Information Management) and name the overall winner of the Technical Papers Competition 2020.

Come and hear presentations of the three winning papers, question the authors and hear the view of the independent judges on how these add to the body of knowledge on major projects and will leave a lasting legacy.


Opening 14:00 – 14:05pm 
Chair – Speaker 1 Giles Thomas 

Opening 14:05 – 14:10pm 
Mark Hansford

Technical paper 1 14:10- 14.35pm 
Introduction by Peter Miller ​
Environment, heritage and archaeology category top paper

 Authors Andrea Davidson

-  Neil Wait

- Tony Burton (judge)
 Q&A by Peter Miller 

Technical paper 2 14:35- 15.00pm
Introduction by Dr Sonia Zahiroddiny 
Digital, data and IM category top paper  

Author(s) Roberto Alberola

- Peter Ruff

 - Prof Tim Broyd (judge) 

Q&A by Sonia Zahiroddiny 

Technical paper 3 15:00- 15.20pm 
Introduction by Kay Hughes​
Design Engineering and Architecture – top paper

Presentation of paper by author(s)   Andrew Glover

- Matt Hunt

- Prof Andrew McNaughton (judge)  

Q&A by Kay Hughes 

Winner presentation 15:20- 15.25pm
Award for best paper by Prof Hanif Kara.  Acceptance by author 

- Prof Hanif Kara (judge)

Close 15:25 – 15:30pm 


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United Kingdom

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Elira Alushi

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