HS2 – turning engineering into a train service, Northampton

24 January, 2017 | 18:00 - 19:45

How HS2 is turning engineering into a train service.
How HS2 is turning engineering into a train service.

About this event

The talk will address the tasks of timetable planning in a major project using examples from projects including HS2. Timetable planning has a role in project development, to demonstrate that the infrastructure specification can deliver the intended train service, provide a basis for assessing the effect of design options and changes, forecast operating costs and revenue for the business case.

Crucially, timetable planning during the development of a project ensures that the functionality designed into the infrastructure can support a commercial operation after opening, including future train service specifications, and in the event of disruption.

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William Barter

William is an independent consultant in rail operations and planning. After experience with British Rail in operations management and planning for major projects, he has worked in consultancy roles in the UK and overseas, including London 2012. He has followed development of High Speed 2 closely and is particularly interested in the opportunities it offers to develop local rail services for Northamptonshire.