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Hydraulics works and erosion control system, Plymouth

14 June, 2016 | 18:00 - 20:00

Looking at coastal and river protection.
Looking at coastal and river protection.

About this event

The issue of protecting river banks has historically been the "domain" of the engineering profession, the purpose of which is to interpret the statistical data and provide safe and reliable designed solutions at given peak flood conditions.

In more recent times, the approach has changed with environmental sensitivity become a major consideration in the decision making process.

The techniques used to protect banks from erosion range from simple re-vegetation, to massive retaining structures, with many factors to be considered in the choice of solution.

A modern approach will use both "living" and "inert" materials together. The challenge is to combine the best of both types of materials, to be able to understand how the reinstated environment will evolve and how this will reinforce the overall bank stability.

The presentation will also give examples of problems when improper materials or techniques are used and how to avoid them.

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Nicola Brusa

Nicola is a Civil and Environmental Engineer from University of Ferrara with an MEng at Polytechnic of Milan, Italy.

He has been working in Maccaferri since 2012. After an initial experience in the technical department at Maccaferri HQ (Italy) he joined permanently in the UK subsidiary in January 2015.

Nicola is presently the Regional Engineer for the Southern Regions of England and he is directly involved in providing technical support and assistance to designers, public authorities and contractors in hydraulic, geotechnical and soil conservation projects.