ICE French Local Association Annual General Meeting, Paris

22 October, 2015 | 19:00 - 21:00

You are invited to join the ICE French Local Association
You are invited to join the ICE French Local Association's Annual General Meeting.

About this event

A copy of the Chairman's and Secretary's Reports 2015 will be distributed, in advance of the meeting.

All members are welcome to take part in the AGM, but please inform Chris Polwin, Lucy Rew and myself at the email addresses above whether you will attend HRO's Office (necessary for HRO Security desk) or you wish to take part by LYNC (so that Lucy can send you the necessary connection instructions).

There is no charge to participants by LYNC, but if you connect by phone rather than computer there may be charges from your provider to the standard national phone number which is not surcharged.

Concerning Item 5, the election of officers and committee members, all posts require annual re-election and there is no closing date for candidates prior to the AGM itself. The current information I have is as follows:

  • Chris Polwin, Chairman, is standing for re-election.
  • Lucy Rew, Vice Chairman, is standing for re-election. She is also the Country Representative (appointed by GGS).
  • Derek Gear, Secretary, is not standing for re-election. The Secretary position is therefore open to other members.
  • Andrew Wilson, Treasurer, is standing for re-election.

Graham Hobbins, G&S Representative, Paris, left France in September and will not be standing for re-election.

The G&S Representative, Paris position is therefore open to other G&S members;

  • Lise Thenault, G&S Representative, Lyon is standing for re-election.
  • Robert Broatch, Christian Grandjean, Hanan Safier, William Powles, Ian Dewsbury and Philip Cannell are currently committee members and it is hoped that they will stand for re-election.

It is hoped that as many members as possible will find the time to attend the AGM in person or by LYNC.


For more information and to book, please contact:

Derek Gear


The Agenda of the AGM (with planned latest starting times for each item) is:

19h00 - 1. The Chairman's Report on the state of the Association.

19h15 - 2. The Secretary's Report on the events since the last AGM.

19h30 - 3. The Treasurer's Report on the present financial position and the preparation of the 2015 accounts.

19h45 - 4. Review of G&S members activities including Student Chapter at ESTP.

20h00 - 5. The election of officers and committee members including joint Graduates & Students Representatives.

20h20 - 6. 2016 Event Planning
(Note: The LA's 2016 Grant request has been submitted to ICE London and is currently being considered. The amount of grant to be received will also depend on the actual reserves remaining at the end of 2015.)

20h40 - 7. Status of LA website ( and call for new Webmaster (as Graham Hobbins has now left France).

20h45 - 8. Any Other Business.

21h00 - Close of meeting.