ICE Health and Safety 2016: Culture, Leadership, Ownership

13 May, 2016 | 09:00 - 17:00

Improving health and safety standards and practices across industry
Improving health and safety standards and practices across industry

About this event

If you wish to attend this event please call 020 7665 2226.

In the last decade, workplace injury in construction has dropped 40%, backing the sentiment of many practitioners that the industry has matured enough to self-regulate. On the other hand, the overall rate of work-related stress, depression and anxiety has remained broadly the same, broadening the arsenal of those who say that the industry should continue to be regulated by the government.

The 2015 Construction (Design and Management) regulations have solved many issues, but have also created great confusion, especially around the role and responsibilities of the Principal Designer.

The third ICE Health and Safety conference will provide a platform for advancing the debate around these issues, aiming to bring clarity to the industry and showcase how health and safety can be dealt with properly right from the design and planning phase, through the board of directors to the last person on site.

Why attend

  • Gain clarity on the role of the principal designer
  • Manage health and safety from the design and planning stage
  • Learn ways to avoid issues with the delivery phase
  • Root health and safety in the core organisational culture
  • Choose the right suppliers in procurement to safeguard the workplace
  • Hear stimulating presentations directly related to infrastructure design, construction and maintenance

>Key sessions

  • An interactive, high-level, panel discussion, focused on self-regulation of the industry
  • How BIM can be utilised to advance health and safety practices
  • Bridging the existing gap between management and operations
  • Efficiently applying CDM regulations, by Kier Group’s David Lambert
  • Ensuring health and safety through procurement
  • Addressing mental health issues in construction

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Continuous Professional Development

The Institution of Civil Engineers aims to continuously improve heath and safety standards, practices, welfare and wellbeing across industry and requires its members to have a sound knowledge in this area.

The conference programme is designed to help you advance your knowledge and skills. Attending can contribute to your CPD portfolio and will demonstrate your commitment to lifelong learning and career development.

2015 Testimonials

"An excellent and stimulating event, directly relevant to infrastructure design, construction and maintenance"

"A first class event with some inspirational presentations"

"A great event which I thoroughly enjoyed"

"Good and powerful presentations"

"A fine example of the open and collaborative nature of the present UK construction industry, with lessons learnt and knowledge sharing in clear evidence"