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ICE Presidents Address, Bengaluru

24 August, 2016 | 18:00 - 23:00

Join us in welcoming Sir John Armitt to India.
Join us in welcoming Sir John Armitt to India.

About this event

ICE Presidential Address from Sir John Armitt.

Sir John Armitt address will cover the themes for his Presidential year: 'Civil Engineering: Shaping ourselves and our world.' :- The need for civil engineers to keep questioning the "why" of what they do and for ICE itself to remain dynamic, flexible and adaptable to meet the needs of the modern engineering world.

The politics of infrastructure and the Institution's role and responsibility in these debates; raising the profession's profile and reputation, and helping the Government stick to a long term strategy for infrastructure.

It will be useful for members to register in advance as we have capacity for about 120 guests.


For any further details and registration please contact:

Pradeep Kumar D. V.: pradeep.kumar@atkinsglobal.com
Ashish Gaur: ashish.gaur@atkinsglobal.com

Attendance for the Presidential Address is free for ICE members and special invited guests only. Dinner will be served at the event.

Event materials

The following materials are available for download: