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Inclusive engineering in the built environment, St Albans

  • Lecture
  • 19 September 2017
  • 18:30 - 20:00
Inclusive engineering in the built environment, St Albans

About this event

Diversity in engineering is not improving fast enough. After years of effort, the engineering and construction sectors are still struggling to get the proportion of women engineers above one in ten, with other under-represented groups equally poorly represented. Indeed the number of female construction workers on site is only one in a hundred.

This lack of diversity is costing the industry money in terms of lack of skills, productivity, staff safety and morale, innovation, profit and creativity. The industry is changing. The world is changing. Disruptive technology, big data, the lifestyle, values and aspirations of young people all point to a future which is different from the past. Engineering needs this diversity and this creativity to thrive and for the UK to remain competitive in the international marketplace, and needs to act now to attract this future workforce.

In 2015, Dawn Bonfield MBE authored a report (Disruptive Diversity) commissioned by the ICE, which discussed the challenges of diversity in engineering. Her talk will discuss these issues and articulate her thoughts on how they can be addressed through a range of concerted actions by the Institution, industry and the wider society.


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Andy Palmer
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63-77 Victoria Street
St Albans
United Kingdom

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Heather Bell

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