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Infrastructure needs and priorities in North Wales, Abergele

14 September, 2016 | 18:00 - 20:00

The Britannia Bridge carries the A55 North Wales Coast Road and the North Wales Main Railway Line over the Menai Straights.
The Britannia Bridge carries the A55 North Wales Coast Road and the North Wales Main Railway Line over the Menai Straights.

About this event

Come and hear what is proposed, ask pertinent questions, let Sir John hear your views on the need and priorities for infrastructure investment.

North Wales is blessed with attractive mountains, a long and beautiful coastline, mature river valleys and a plentiful water supply. But its transport networks need maintenance, renewal and improvement.

Roads, railways and river valleys are repeatedly subject to flooding and the demand for energy may be expected to grow order to service homes, transport networks and local industry.


The debate will be informed by short presentations from:

  • Andy Cross (Network Rail):
    Andy wil present a view of the challenges and benefits of the railway in North Wales and why investment in Railway Infrastructure is essential.
  • Chris Craufurd (Raymond Brown Renewables)
  • James Morris (Welsh Government)
    James will be sharing lessons learnt from recent flood events and discussing the critical role flood and coastal risk management plays in the wellbeing of our people, our environment and economy, something which will only increase with climate change and sea-level rise.
  • Peris Jones (Welsh Government)


Andy Cross

Andy Cross

Network Rail run, maintain and develop Britain's rail tracks, signalling, bridges, tunnels, level crossings and many key stations. Our vision is a better railway for a better Britain. This means delivering a railway that is safer, more reliable and more efficient than ever before, and that will help to build a thriving, sustainable economy.

Britain's railway does more than transport passengers and goods. It brings people and businesses closer together, which creates new jobs, opens up new markets and stimulates economic growth. So we must aim to provide the best possible service to everyone who relies on the railway – passengers, the train operating companies and businesses nation-wide.

Andy is the Structures Route Asset Manager for the Network Rail Wales Route, a Chartered Engineer and Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers. He has 27 years' experience of Railway Civil Engineering, having started as a Graduate Trainee with London Underground, then going to Scott Wilson Consultants before joining Railtrack, subsequently Network Rail, in 1999.

During this time Andy has held various roles including Design Engineer, Resident Engineer, Project Engineer, Renewals Engineer, Project Manager and is now an Asset Manager. His main area of expertise is Bridges however he also has been involved with Track, Geotechnics, Buildings and Off-Track as well as leading on introducing innovating to projects, notable successes include the FRP footbridge at Dawlish Station and the development of standard designs.

James Morris

James Morris

James has been part of the Welsh Government's Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management team since 2012 and has headed up the team since winter 2013/14, just in time for the winter storms and coastal surge. Responsible for the capital and revenue programme, as well as flood-related policy, legislation, resilience and the National Strategy.

James has experience in flood risk, urban and environmental planning policy, regeneration and GIS, previously working on flood, open space and minerals policy with Welsh Government, strategic planning and regeneration at Cardiff Council and at Environment Agency Wales, and as a cartographer in the petroleum industry.

Studied Geography, Topographic Science and Town Planning at Swansea and Cardiff Universities.

Chris Craufurd, CEng CEnv FICE FCIHT

Chris Craufurd

Operations Director, Raymond Brown Construction Ltd.
Immediate Past Chairman ICE Wales / Cymru.

I graduated from the University of Wales, Swansea in 1975 and have spent much of my career in contracting. This has involved works in the highways, rail, marine and energy sectors.

I am currently a director of Raymond Brown Construction and have held responsibility for civil engineering operations in Wales and for operations in the renewable energy sector throughout the UK.

I recognise the importance of training within the profession and am an ICE Supervising Civil Engineer and Professional Reviewer.

Amongst the many challenges facing Wales and the rest of the United Kingdom I see future energy security as one of the most major. In Wales we have the opportunity to increase indigenous energy production whilst also reducing reliance on carbon based fuels.

I believe energy policy should not be based simply on what is at present the most cost effective (as it currently appears to be) but should have greater regard to the political and economic dangers of relying on the importation of fuel. Additionally we should maintain our agreed targets for emission reduction. Over relatively recent years emission reduction was on target but now it appears to be faltering.