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Innovation - The next 25 years, Shrewsbury

25 October, 2016 | 16:00 - 19:00

Looking forward to the next 25 years and what innovation brings.
Looking forward to the next 25 years and what innovation brings.

About this event

In celebration of 25 years of the ICE Shropshire branch we are proud to bring you this extra special event. With the support of the incoming ICE President Tim Broyd, Shropshire has planned an evening workshop to discuss the latest built environment innovations, and the role of Shropshire's engineers in pushing forward the boundaries of our industry.


  • Professor Tim Broyd, incoming ICE President
  • Daniel Rawle - Asset Management Consultant, Strategic Asset Management, Transportation, Atkins
  • Jamie Randall CTO of IASME Consortium, Cyber Security Specialist
  • ICE skills expert to be confirmed

At the event we will discuss the influence of BIM on the design process and stakeholder collaboration; the risky world of cyber security and our responsibility as professionals; the skills agenda – do we have enough people with the right skills? We will also consider how procurement is being influenced by the devolution agenda and where will project funding come from.

Shropshire has a great engineering heritage and is home to two major innovations - the first skyscraper and the world's first iron bridge. Take this opportunity to lead the discussion and join Shropshire engineers looking towards the next 25 years.


For further information contact:

Yvonne Aust
e: yvonne.aust@cceng.co.uk
t: 0121 308 7557/ 0121 308 9307

Event materials

The following materials are available for download: