Installation of marine foundations for offshore wind turbines, Truro

15 November, 2016 | 18:00 - 20:00

A wind turbine foundation being fittered into place.
A wind turbine foundation being fittered into place.

About this event

Installation of turbine foundations in the harsh marine environment, often in complex and variable seabed geotechnical conditions is on the critical path of high value infrastructure investment.

Foundation costs can be prohibitive to the economic development of offshore wind projects. Safety, efficiency and security of foundation installation are therefore critical to project success.

This presentation will detailed the development and methodology for deployment of a range of foundation installation equipment such as reverse circulation drills (drilling up to 8.0m diameter) and subsea pre-piling templates with complex control and survey metrology systems.

The aim is to leave the audience with a good general understanding of alternative foundation designs and installation choices that are appropriate to particular site conditions.

About the speaker

Mark Richards is currently a senior contracts manager at Cornish foundation specialist LDD Ltd. Mark became chartered in 1995 and has almost 20 years experience in international offshore construction and marine geotechnics. He has managed projects from the North to South Poles and many locations in between.