Irrigation and Rural Water Supply: conflict or opportunity, London

24 February, 2017 | 14:00 - 17:00

Lettuce field with irrigation sprinklers.
Lettuce field with irrigation sprinklers.

About this event

There are sometimes contested rights to water sources and often different institutional arrangements exist for managing agricultural and domestic water. Equally there may be opportunities for shared use of water, and grey water from domestic waste is a valuable resource.

Multiple Use Systems (MUS) provide opportunities to grow small areas of vegetables and other valuable crops from systems primarily designed for domestic use. Both conflict and opportunity are most obvious in small systems, such as those found in rural Nepal, but major irrigation canals are used as the source of drinking water in many arid countries, such as Egypt and Pakistan.

Unlike recent meetings which have looked at problems and innovations related to large scale irrigation, this meeting will focus at the opposite end of the spectrum and aims to attract new people to the forum. The half-day seminar will examine experiences and progress in bridging the gap between rural water supply and irrigation, and assess the role of integrated water resource management (IWRM) in ensuring sustainable access to and use of water for both agriculture and domestic use.

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  • Simon Howarth (Mott Macdonald)- Chair, IWF
  • Prof Richard Carter
  • St John (Singe) Day (Adam Smith International)
  • Vincent Casey (WaterAid)
  • Ian Ross (Oxford Policy Management)