Lunch and Learn: Changing mindsets

22 April, 2016 | 13:00 - 14:00

Lunch and Learn: Changing mindsets

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Mike will explain in his presentation how the development transport world is moving forward, away from the old fashioned focus on commuter traffic, and into the brave new world of Design, Choice and Behaviour. He will promote the idea that it is Mobility, not travel, that matters most in our growing societies, and that Mobility is the lynchpin for economic and social growth.

In fact, the UK has a desperate need for more homes and jobs, and this is only going to be delivered in our increasingly congested cities by thinking in this way.

Mike will explain the efficiencies of Active Travel, and the way in which this is key to a more inclusive and Mobile society. Behavioural change is already rife, and he will explain about some of the European research that leads us to have confidence in changing habits as a means to create more comfortable roadspace and better living.

He will, by example, show how developers accept and encourage this approach, and how cities are already embracing these concepts, relying upon them for the delivery of Growth.


Mike Axon

Mike Axon
Mike Axon

Mike is a founding Director and a Board Director of Vectos with more than 25 years' experience in the development industry. Mike regularly brings together and leads project teams for complex, mixed use schemes. His areas of expertise include transport masterplanning, advising on transport policy and directing what are often innovative transport approaches to development schemes. He also has a wealth of experience in giving expert evidence at Public Inquiry.

Though Mike is based in London and Cardiff, this is a notional concept, as he travels extensively across all of the UK. Where you are most likely to find him, however, is clung to a wall either at the Beacon Climbing Centre or the Big Rock Climbing Centre, where he is also a Director and keen enthusiast.

Mike is a Fellow of the Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation, a Member of the Transport Planning Society, a Member of the British Council of Shopping Centres, a BEE (Built Environment Expert) with Design Council CABE, and an invited member of the Milton Keynes Business Leaders Partnership.