Lunch and Learn: Conservation of Iconic Concrete Structures, Webinar

6 January, 2017 | 13:00 - 14:00

The National Theatre.
The National Theatre.

About this event

Concrete structures continue to influence the shape and development of societies. There is a growing interest in conserving some older concrete structures many of which are still in active use. This talk looks at some of those structures and then highlights the recently completed concrete conservation work undertaken at the National Theatre in London.


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Glen Owen


Stephen Douglas

Stephen Douglas is the Building and Conservation Manager at the National Theatre in London. His career in Civil Engineering has taken him from Technical Services in Local Government to Highways Project Management and Buildings Maintenance in the DoE. In his current role he has been pro-active in developing strategies for Concrete Conservation; he has written a paper for the ICE, the Getty Institute, 20th Century Society and contributed to Concrete Solutions 2014 Conference in Belfast.