Lunch and Learn: Disruptive Change in Transport – how should an asset manager respond? Webinar

6 May, 2016 | 13:00 - 14:00

Lunch and Learn: Disruptive Change in Transport – how should an asset manager respond? Webinar

About this event

Change is certain. What is not certain is when or how fast it will take place. Our transport system is about to go through huge change as technological and environmental forces combine to introduce autonomous electric vehicles.

Many other smaller but equally disruptive changes when considered as a package, will happen in parallel. The consequences of this change will be bigger than that from horse-drawn vehicles to cars and trucks which took place over 100 year ago.

How should transport specialists and asset managers in particular deal with this change? Asset managers will need to understand people and rapidly changing social trends better to respond.

Will asset managers need to communicate differently to understand the users' needs in different ways? Will asset managers need to decommission some infrastructure assets as utilisation of vehicles increases through shared use?

This lunch and learn webinar will focus on the imminent changes in technology, what they will mean for transport and some of the issues which asset managers will need to address as a consequence.


Steve Draper BEng (Hons) CEng MICE MCIHT

Steve Draper
Steve Draper

Steve is Opus' Technical Director for Asset Management in the UK, leading asset management across the transport, buildings and water sectors, bringing a practical approach to service delivery for a range of clients.

Steve has over 30 years' experience in road asset management, design, maintenance and operations in road authority, consultant and contractor roles, largely based in the UK but with experience in Ireland, Europe, the Middle East, New Zealand and Australia. He has operated and maintained roads through direct labour organisations, traditional input driven contracts, performance based contracts, Public Private Partnerships and a maintenance alliance.

Steve is a member of the editorial panel of the ICE's Transport Journal and chairs the Industrial Advisory Committee of the University of Birmingham's MSc course in Road Management and Engineering.