Lunch and Learn: Norway Today - What’s Happening in the happiest (oil) nation in the world? Webinar

28 September, 2017 | 13:00 - 13:45

Is the sun setting on traditional offshore engineering models?
Is the sun setting on traditional offshore engineering models?

About this event

Norway has just scored highest on the World Happiness Report 2017, this in spite of the recent downturn in the oil industry.

However, this downturn has affected the country in various ways, acting as a wake-up call that 'their oil' won't last forever.

So how is Norway meeting these challenges, and what can we learn from our North Sea neighbours?

Join long-time southern Norway resident Karin Lee-Hansen - from Tekna, the Norwegian Society of Graduate Technical and Scientific Professionals (includes engineers) - as she discusses the country's current situation.

Topics include:

  • The Norwegian Model: a blueprint for economic success?
  • Dealing with the past: decommissioning old North Sea oil rigs
  • Dealing with the future: new projects and industries springing up using examples from the Agder region of southern Norway.


Karin Lee-Hansen

Karin Lee-Hansen is Tekna District Office Manager for the Agder region in southern Norway, where she's lived for 25 years. Her role there is to help volunteer boards arrange professional events for the 2,000 Tekna members living in the region as well as other activities for the public that promote science and technology in Norwegian society.

She was born and raised in the US and has several years of experience teaching English courses for the Norwegian public/private sectors in addition to translating and proofreading. She's held diverse work-related courses for civil engineers, focusing not only on increasing her participants' language skills but also providing them with increased knowledge about how to promote themselves and their products.

In addition to these activities, she writes a blog for Tekna called Working in Norway: Cracking the Code ( ) where she explores different aspects of working in a country experiencing all kinds of technological and social changes - and how these affect workers there, both Norwegians and non-Norwegians alike.