Lunch & Learn: Our Failing Safety Culture: The Construction Industry Blind Spot, Webinar

2 December, 2016 | 13:00 - 14:00

Ghost Bike.
Ghost Bike.

About this event

On site safety has improved drastically over the last decade. However, we have not paid the same attention to the devastating death and injury caused by off-site operations. There are now more deaths from construction activities beyond the site boundary than there are within it. Every month on average across the UK several members of the public die under the wheels of construction HGVs.

This live online training will demonstrate the danger and potential consequence of our commercial operations, shine a light on the blind spot in our safety culture, and show how we can retain our licence to operate by sincerely living up to our corporate values as responsible clients, contractors and operators.


Kate Cairns - BEng (Hons) MSc DIC MIoD CEng FICE