Lunch and Learn: Engaging with communities to reduce flood risk, webinar

21 September, 2017 | 13:00 - 14:00

Learn more about the Regional Community Resilience Group.
Learn more about the Regional Community Resilience Group.

About this event

Developing household and community resilience is now a key activity to manage flooding in Northern Ireland. Formed in 2013 the Regional Community Resilience Group(RCRG) is a multi-agency group that provides the governance to develop this initiative across NI. It currently engages with over 24 communities at known flood risk to assist them in planning for, being more resilient to, and recovering from the effects of flooding.

More communities are expected to benefit from this work and these have been identified in the NI Flood Risk Management Plans developed as a requirement of the EU Floods Directive.


Jonathan McKee

Jonathan works for the Department for Infrastructure (DfI) Rivers in Northern Ireland. He was appointed Head of Development in June 2014 and has responsibility for Emergency Planning, Hydrometrics, Mapping, Modelling and the Rivers Planning Advisory Unit.

Jonathan is a graduate of the University of Ulster, a Chartered Civil Engineer and a Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers. He has a breadth of experience that includes working for Northern Ireland Water from 1991-2005 in the design and supervision of Capital Works Projects.

He joined DfI Rivers in 2005 and has been an Area Engineer, Regional Engineer and Head of the DfI Rivers' Operational Support Unit.