Lunch and Learn: Smarter capture of drainage asset condition data and turning it into asset intelligence, Webinar

28 April, 2017 | 13:00 - 14:00

Drain, location and data capture.
Drain, location and data capture.

About this event

Carnell working with A-one+ in Area 7 were challenged by Highways England to identify quick and low cost solutions to assess drainage condition to support a new approach to long term asset management. The importance of highway drainage cannot be under-estimated. Drainage systems are crucial to preventing flooding and achieve safer roads. They are also important in maximising the working life of adjacent pavement systems, thereby delivering socio-economic value for money.

The drainage asset presented a significant challenge on this project, as when research began it was estimated that only 62% of drainage inventory and 7.5% asset condition information was available.

Realising that low cost condition surveys needed to be developed to make condition assessment affordable, Carnell working in partnership with A-one+ and HE developed a new lean approach to surveying, categorising and presenting drainage condition information that could be used to support long term asset maintenance planning.


Martin Parry

Martin Parry has worked for Carnell since 2001 and has been instrumental in rolling out all innovations, including 'STONEmaster' - the Company flagship for the on-site recycling of filter material. Alongside his innovations role, Martin is a Chartered member of IOSH and has headed up the Carnell SHEQ team, ensuring health and safety is always the number one priority on site.

Martin responded to the challenge set by Tier 1 A-one+ in 2014, to deliver drainage surveys that covered the whole of the motorway from fence to fence, at a reduced cost but with an increased output! In collaboration with the A-one+ and Carnell drainage teams, Martin created the new Quick Grade specification and developed the associated Carnell surveying process 'FASTtrack'; this included the 'Safer Roadside Working' vehicle layout and the bespoke database 'Drainage Viewer'.