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Lunch and Learn: Supporting LGBT+ employees in construction, webinar

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  • 21 May 2020
  • 13:00 - 14:00
Lunch and Learn: Supporting LGBT+ employees in construction, webinar

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In recent years, businesses have recognised the importance for promoting inclusive and diverse workplaces, however the construction industry is still seen as lacking diversity in its workforce and practices. Building Equality was founded 5 years ago to challenge this, using the collective power of construction consultants, engineers, developers, contractors, and institutions to drive LGBT+ inclusion.

Join Kathleen Harrison as she discusses the challenges LGBT+ employees face in the workplace, particularly regarding mental health. She will also explain some of the initiatives Building Equality are involved with in recent years and their plans for the future.

Kathleen is the ICE North West representative on the Building Equality Greater Manchester Committee, a Framework Manager for Jacobs and a past Regional Chair of ICE North West.

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